Council crusaders: Celebrating our urban knights


The Studio is always looking at ways to engage with external partners to explore how we see the city in new ways. In 2011 we were approached by the National Digital Resources Centre to provide open data from for Ireland’s first 18 hour Open Data Challenge in the Digital hub. This initiated new relationships between the City Council and developers, designers and entrepreneurs and led to an ongoing collaboration with the Science Gallery with current participation in their monthly Urban Knights platform for change.

‘Hack the City’ was the City Council’s first major collaboration with the Science Gallery.  In 2012 we co-sponsored the exhibition and events programme and offered the use of a vacant shop unit on Capel St as a pop up workshop space.  Dublin City Council staff mentored participants in a 10 day ‘Ideas lab’ to develop solutions to city issues such as dereliction, crowd sourcing public data, safety and wellbeing, and open data transport services. The Exhibition itself, the ideas lab and the closing TedX conference attracted lots of people from Ireland and abroad as it coincided with Dublin’s designation as European City of Science in 2012.  Staff members who worked closely with the Science Gallery team were very impressed by their creativity and energy.

small city hack

The Science Gallery’s Urban Knights programme invites a number of Dublin City Council staff to discuss their work and explain how they are trying to improve services to the city.  We are delighted to celebrate our own urban crusaders such as city planner Dick Gleeson, Deirdre NiRaghallaigh of the Studio and gully manager Roy O’Donnell, who has emerged as a serial inventor after winning three prizes in the council’s annual staff ideas scheme. You can register here to attend upcoming events on June 18th and July 16th.Jeremy Wales

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