Dublinked –Open Data platform for the Dublin Region


Since 2011 the Studio has been working to open access to Dublin City Council data through the Dublinked data sharing initiative, an ideas and information sharing network which connects the Dublin region’s four local authorities with universities, companies and entrepreneurs. The local authorities are driving public ‘open data’ in Ireland in partnership with NUI Maynooth and IBM’s Smarter City research lab.  We are also inviting other agencies to join us and we hope Dublinked becomes a data repository for the whole of the Dublin region.  Ordnance Survey Ireland and National Transport Authority have already given us some of their mapping and transport data.  But why put in all this effort?  Partly it is a proactive response to legislation such as the new European PSI Directive and the eGovernment Digital strategy for Ireland but just as importantly, it is a lesson in enterprise culture by enabling others to come up with new solutions to the challenges that cities face.

Over 250 datasets are available for download in the www.dublinked.ie  ‘data store’, including planning applications, real time traffic information, environment and emergency services. If the information is in a database then we can turn it into ‘open data’, whether it records a public service, assets, city amenities or community facilities.  If you have data you think could be released please contact Pauline Riordan at studio@dublincity.ie.  We can advise whether the data is suitable and help prepare it for publication.  If you would like to access research data on Dublinked please contact Conor Burns at conor.burns@dublincity.ie

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