A little space can go a long way! Dublin parking day

On Friday 20th September parking day took place in Dublin City Centre. Parking day gives people the opportunity to book a parking space in the city and transform it into something else.  So we decided to take a walk and find out what people had come up with.

We visited Urban Landscape by Sequoia Design, run by Eoghan a landscape architect. His installation represented shelter and a wave of change.  We sat in the installation and found it to be very relaxing even though we were in the middle of the city.

Sequoia designs

Sequoia designs

Sequoia designs

very comfortable and quiet even with traffic around

We then moved onto Reach Out an online service that helps young people with mental health issues. Here we got to write a “note to self” on a postcard which will be posted out to us in the near future.

We wrote a postcard to our future selves

We wrote a postcard to our future selves

After that we visited Parkya where we spoke to Jason, their installation was all about exploring open space in the city.

We found Jason Roe from ParkYa making the most of their parket

We found Jason Roe from ParkYa making the most of their parket

Our last stop was to Let’s Get Talking. We spoke to Claire and Fiona from Bodywhys and See Change Their parklet was around starting the conversation around mental health awareness and breaking down the stigma.



We then asked the people we spoke to at each parklet to describe Parking Day in one word. Here is what they said…… innovative fun, ecological fun, eye opener, community, way of meeting our neighbours, liberating, great that this can be done in the city.

Well done to all who took part in this year’s Parking Day! It was great to meet so many inspiring people and to see what can be achieved with little space and great vision.

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