All About Connection


On Friday 27th September we went to our first Creative Mornings talk in Medley by Andrew Rudd. Creative Mornings is a monthly breakfast lecture series for creative types. Each event is free of charge and includes a 20 minute talk, plus coffee!Connor and David were the inspiring speakers on the morning. They run a graphic design studio. The focus of their work is to create useful and beautiful graphic design for print and screen, for a wide variety of clients.

Connor and David spoke about connections. During their talk they hit on some really interesting points. As humans we feel the need to connect constantly and the connections we make impact on our lives and others. That in society we use Social Media as a means to connect with each other, they felt that sometimes it is nice to just sit down and have a conversation face to face. For them this physical interaction is important as it enables them to get a sense of what the person/client is all about.

The main points we took from the converstation were around how we connect, why we connect, the constant need to connect, the external and internal levels of connection, building relationships through connection,at first connections may seem small but they lead to bigger things and the process of an idea into design.

We are already looking forward to the next Creative Mornings talk in October.

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