Giving young people a voice in what matters to them

On Thursday 3rd October the AGM of Comhairle Na nóg took place in Croke Park. The young people attending the AGM represented the following Dublin City local areas: North West,South East,Central,South Central and North Central. At the AGM a facilitated workshop is held to discuss topics that are relevant to young people. The topics discussed this year were: cyber bullying,play facilities and mental health. From the above topics the young people voted on one that they want Comhairle to focus on in the year ahead. At the AGM there was also a graffiti wall this provided the young people with an opportunity to put any thoughts they had onto the wall.

Dublin City Comhairle na nÓg has 56 elected members, 10 members from each of the 5 local area’s of Dublin City and 6 places for seldom heard young people.Comhairle na nóg provides young people with a voice and a platform to speak about issues that matter to them.

Last years Comhairle na nóg chosen topic to work on was mental health.

The graffiti wall

The AGM all ready to go

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