Collaboration-Think About It

On 22nd October I traveled to Newry for the day to attended a collaboration workshop run by Michael from Perspectivity

The workshop brought together people from various Councils and Community Organisations from Newry and surrounding Areas.

The workshop enabled us to discuss collaboration:

What Collaboration means to us
Why we do it
How we do it
The blockages to doing it
What does successful collaboration look like

Michael also provided us with some methods that work for encouraging collaboration they were Future Search,World Cafe,Appreciative Inquiry and open space.

At then end of the workshop we came up with ingredients for the ultimate collaboration they are:
commitment,respect,trust,leadership,breaking down barriers, the right people involved,innovation,identifying needs,relationship and focus on the outcomes.

Start to think about how you collaborate in your work,what methods could you tart to us to make the process more authentic.


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