Putting Government Innovation Labs on the Map

A few weeks ago we received an email from Daniela Selloni, a Service Designer, PhD candidate at the Politecnico di Milano. She was working on a Parsons DESIS Lab group project, where she is a visiting scholar, to illustrate and monitor the emergence of Government Innovation Labs across the world and was looking for information about The Studio.

We wanted to share with you the first results, which we think are a great visualisation of what is happening in this area. Daniela worked with Eduardo Staszowski, the Director of Parsons DESIS Lab and they both were advised by Christian Bason (Director MindLab) and Andrea Schneider (Public By Design).

“It’s a first step towards understanding different models and platforms that promote innovation in the public realm. The idea is to put a light on this trend and hopefully to provoke a meaningful debate within our community”.

The Initiative is part of the Public and Collaborative NYC, which is a program of activities, developed by Parsons DESIS Lab to explore how public services in New York City can be improved by incorporating greater citizen collaboration in service design and implementation.

The Illustrations and graphic design were created by Amy Findeiss.

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