Staff Ideas Scheme 2013

The last few months have been very busy for us. The Staff ideas scheme was launched in September,this year we used a system called Organised Feedback for submission of ideas. With this system staff could view the submitted ideas they could also like or comment on them. We closed for idea submission in October. We held a workshop in November with the ideas assessment panel, during this process they selected 27 ideas for shortlisting.

Some of the shortlisted ideas included:

  • Adopt The Street
  • Leaf Collection in the South East Area
  • Yellow Table in the Canteen
  • Who am I talking to?
  • Temporary Bicycle parking for large public events
  • Gully Cleaning Tool
  • Bee Keeping Group
  • Eye in the sky (developing Quadcopters)

An ideas building workshop was held in the Wood Quay Venue on Wednesday the 11th December for all  shortlisted staff.  In the morning each person spoke about their idea. In the afternoon each person  worked up their idea in a group. They did this by using an idea connection Sheet. It was great to see that during this stage of the workshop staff started to link naturally with other ideas that complimented or enhanced theirs.

They now have a 3 month period to develop up their idea/s. They can do this by testing an element of their idea or the whole idea. Staff have also been asked to capture the development of their idea by taking photographs, a video, writing a report or doing up a presentation, whichever method works best for the individual.

We will keep you posted as the ideas develop.

Staff Idea Connection Sheet 


Our winners Shortlisted Staff 2013


Shortlisted Staff talking about their idea:  


Some fun- if the Staff Ideas Scheme was a person they would be this:


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