A new learning at Bridge21


A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of  chatting with Ciarán Bauer, Programme Manager from  Bridge21, an education programme based in Trinity College Dublin. They have been active for last 6 years. They offer a new model of learning, that can be adapted for use in Irish secondary schools this model of leaning is based on 21st Century learning.

Bridge21 works with Secondary Schools and Teachers. They engage young people to work and think  in a different way from the norm. While they are with Bridge21 they learn the  importance of collaboration, working as team,quick thinking, fast prototyping ,thinking outside the box, thinking big, developing and testing ideas, learning from failure(it is ok!!) and they have  fun doing it.

They also have a really cool space which enables young people to feel relaxed.


Technology and education  plays a vital role in the work that is carried out by Bridge21. The young people take their ideas and turn them into something real e.g. developing videos from scratch. They also get the opportunity to interact with other young people from around the  world, by doing this they get to practice talking in a different language and to also learn about other Cultures.


We are currently  in space where education and the needs of young people are constantly changing Bridge21 offers a different way of doing. 

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